A Couple Zappers You Need To Avoid

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We never like saying bad things about anyone. Unfortunately, there are some products and companies that should be avoided, and there’s little we can do to change that. The information on this page is our personal opinion and we welcome comments to the contrary about what we have to say about the zappers listed below.

The first zapper listed, the Zapper Digital LCD, is unfortunately offered on the website www.huldaclarkzappers.com. Please note the “s” on the end of their domain name. Our website is www.HuldaClarkZapper.com, without the “s” on the end of “zapper”.

Our website is not connected in any way with the makers of the Zapper Digital LCD and we don’t want anyone confusing us with them, for reasons explained directly below.

The Zapper Digital LCD

The Zapper Digital LCD

The Zapper Digital LCD

The company that makes the Zapper Digital offer two models: the Zapper Digital LCD and the Zapper Digital MHz. We won’t be talking specifically about the zappers themselves because, truthfully, we haven’t gotten our hands on one to try it out, so we know little about them. The reason we don’t recommend the Zapper Digital is because of the company selling them.

The Zapper Digital is usually shipped from India (if shipped at all) and is AC powered, like the Ultimate Zapper. Unfortunately, a lot of what the company says on their website appears to be either untrue or misleading. They seem to randomly mix info about Bob Beck, Royal Rife and Hulda Clark, with a lot of pure marketing hype thrown in to try to get you to buy their product.

Over the past couple of years we have spoken with more than one person who has purchased a Zapper Digital who either didn’t get the product or got one that didn’t work and then couldn’t get the company to respond to get it repaired or replaced or to get a refund.

The company is based somewhere overseas, perhaps in the U.K., but they now have a Florida address specifically for U.S. customers. We’ve heard a number of rumors about the products themselves, the few that actually seem to be in the hands of customers, but our recommendation is strictly based on the bad reputation of the company and the likely-hood of getting ripped off.

The company specifically mentions a Dr. Susan James (M.D., D.O.) on their website with the following info:

As a Colleage of Dr Clark for many years, I have chosen to practice the protocol of Dr Hulda Clark… I live and work in Florida USA, and I will personally assist you with all your questions.”

Unfortunately, “Dr. Susan James” appears to be a complete fiction according to Geoff Clark, Dr. Clark’s son. Geoff has never heard of her or the company and they have no connection to Dr. Clark in any fashion. The company also offers a free bootleg CD copy of Dr. Clark’s book, “The Cure For All Diseases”, with no compensation to the publisher or the legal copyright holder of the book.

If we are wrong and there are users of the Zapper Digital products who would like to give their comments we are more than happy to listen and report what we find. Tell us if you have one and how well it works or whether you have been ripped off. We all need to know more! NOT RECOMMENDED!

The Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner

The Ultimate Zapper

The Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner

Please note: The Ultimate Zapper has no connection with our Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator. They are different products made by different companies and only have a similar name. Many people get confused over the differences between a Zapper and a Zappicator. Both were developed by Dr. Hulda Clark but they are completely different devices that work in different ways and will give different results.

The Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner has been on the market for a number of years and, according to Mr. Presner on his website, is the #1 best zapper in the world. Mr. Presner claims a great deal of support from customers and the scientific community and has a lot to say about how great his product and zapping protocol is while trashing every other zapper on the planet.

As mentioned above, we hate to speak badly about anyone. Mr. Presner obviously has no problem with that because, according to him, no other zapper is worth using and nothing comes close to the performance of his Ultimate Zapper. With comments like that we are admittedly a bit biased from the start.

We have a number of issues with the Ultimate Zapper and could write a couple of long pages about everything we don’t like. We’ll keep things civil and reasonably short, however, and just skim the surface of the major issues.

First, the Ultimate Zapper is AC powered; no batteries involved. There is no way we can recommend that someone wire themselves up to an AC outlet while using a zapper. Sorry, even if the chances of a malfunction and electrocution are very small we wouldn’t personally do it and can’t recommend it. Mr. Presner claims the use of AC power keeps the power levels constant and high while zapping, which is true, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to do or that it makes his zapper more effective than others. He claims Dr. Clark says it takes 9 volts to activate white blood cells so they can remove toxins. Yet, we’ve read Dr. Clark’s books where she says as little as 3 volts is effective when zapping. Who is right, Ken Presner or Dr. Clark’s own published writings?

Also, plugging into an AC outlet totally eliminates the portability of the zapper and definitely takes away some of its “ease-of-use”. If nothing else it’s just another cable that’s going to get in the way and become irritating at some point.

Second, one of the big claims of the Ultimate Zapper is that it outputs a “pure” and “stabilized” wave that is not altered while zapping, making the Ultimate Zapper more effective. Again, according to Dr. Clark’s own research and many other zapper researchers this appears to be totally not true. Forcing a pure square wave seems to reduce the effectiveness of zapping according to many researchers.

Mr. Presner talks a good game about producing Blood Purification similar to Bob Beck protocol products (see BeckProtocols.com for more details), as well as Electroporation, and Aura Expansion. Sounds great but what does that have to do with zapping and/or zapping effectiveness? Not a lot that we can see. We have years of experience with Bob Beck products and the Ultimate Zapper does not in any way produce the same affect as a Beck Blood Purification device. This is apples to oranges, or maybe in this case apples to voodoo science, based on some of Mr. Presners claims. We also can’t verify one way or another the Ultimate Zapper’s claim of producing Electroporation, but we are familiar with the subject and just don’t buy into his hype.

There is so much on the Ultimate Zapper website that is personal opinion stated as facts that it’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line and say “enough is enough!” All we can ultimately say is we don’t like the Ultimate Zapper or Ken Presner’s personal opinion of every other zapper on the planet. NOT RECOMMENDED.